Turning Spare Time into Miraculous Moments

Tue, Jun 7, 2016

Teachings & Devos


During one of our visits to Colombia we were booked on a radio station to share about our upcoming events. We arrived a little early and decided to take time to love on some strangers. This particular account was most memorable.


We met a man selling cell phone minutes outside of a bakery. His name was Alvaro and he was confined to his wheel chair with deformed hands and feet. After some heart to heart conversation we asked to pray healing over his body. One of our local friends, Stephen, a pastor, who had never witnessed his faith before, asked Alvaro if he had unforgiveness in his heart.

Turns out he was full of bitterness toward his dead mother. She had rejected him because of his deformities and put him out on the streets at a young age. In that moment Pastor Stephen led him in prayer to forgive his mother. Through tears he forgave and released his anger towards his mother. It was a beautiful moment. Then, we began to pray for his physical healing. None of us had ever seen God heal these type of deformities with our own eyes but scripture shows that it’s possible. As we were praying we saw a man on crutches and called him over. His foot was wrapped in a black plastic bag. His name was Ivan. In broken Spanish we asked if we could pray over his foot. We prayed and in a moment the man was healed!



With wide eyes he put his crutches down and walked back and forth. There was no more pain. Pulling out his crumpled prescription he told us that he was on his way to the doctor to get pain pills because he had an infection in his fractured ankle. We were all astonished! We told him,“Freely you have received healing, freely give. Can you help us pray for Alvaro now?” Ivan did not hesitate to get down and pay it forward. We didn’t see physical healing but Alvaro’s heart was so softened by the whole experience.

Pastor Stephen, who was soon to start up his own church, decided to establish evangelism as a major core value in his upcoming church plant. He also found Alvaro some work. Sometimes, spare time given to God can lead to life altering moments. In this case, rest was given to the weary, vision to the believer, and healing to a passer-byer.


In just 2 weeks we are heading back to Armenia, Colombia with great anticipation. Our team of 10 will host a 2-day youth camp, minister in rehabs, schools, high risk neighborhoods, train churches and eat a bunch of empanadas.

We have raised most of the funds needed to host these outreaches but are still in need of about $7000. You can join the team by praying for us June 21-28th and by sewing a financial gift. We are so grateful to all of you that stand with us. 



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