Reality Thru Artistry – Park Outreach

Wed, Aug 26, 2009

Local Events

This past Sunday we had a blast just doing our thing in the park. We gathered artists, musicians, rappers, poets & preachers to share the love and truth of Christ at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. Our gathering was intentional, to share Christ clearly and boldly in love. As artists were drawing & painting, and drummers played african & latin rhythms, we preached, gave testimonies and had discussions about the things of God. We got a chance to share with small groups, minister one-on-one, pray for people, and even feed the homeless.





Left: Illustrator Tom Rye Right: Graffiti Artist LouRoc Below: Prayer for passerbyer



It was awesome to lift up the name of Jesus in the city park and share our own experiences of redemption. Eric declared, “No church can save you! No religion can save you! Only the blood of Jesus Christ.” Throughout the day I was reminded of Paul the Apostle who in Acts 17:17, “reasoned in the marketplace day by day with those who happened to be there.” Sometimes just being willing to sit among the people and share an afternoon together opens wonderful doors for the Lord to move. How can we sit at home when our generation lives in such a hopeless state.



Thanks to As Iron Sharpens Iron, Arrowhead Ministries, OICC, and all the ministries that participated in this event. Thanks to Harvest Time Intl. for donating paint supplies. Glory to God!

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