“Life Festival” brings life to Armenia

Sat, Aug 22, 2015

International Missions


FESTIVAL VIDA was a 2 day 2 night festival in Armenia, Colombia – but what’s happening now is so wonderfully amazing!

The Lord supernaturally used painters, dancers, musicians, photographers, skaters, parkor & BMX as a testimony of His power and love for a city! Eyes were opened! Tormented souls were delivered! The crippled and sick were healed, all before the Festival ever began!


The Festival was a sign and wonder to the city, to those who do not believe, and to those who call themselves Christians to believe for greater things!

VidaArtsCollage1(ABOVE) We gathered many local artists to participate in FESTIVAL VIDA. The theme was Life, Hope and Transformation. A lot of great art and wonderful testimonies came through the process of these interactive pieces. (see video)

VidaKidsCollage1(ABOVE) The kids and family area was a smash hit! The teams did a great job of serving the city with a FREE family area with tons of fun, treats and ministry! (see video)

VidaMinistryCollage1(ABOVE) Ministry was not reserved to just evening preaching. The Holy Spirit was moving throughout the entire weekend day and night – He is looking for those he can show His power through! We saw deliverance, physical healings, broken hearts healed and many wonderful salvations through the hands of our team and the warriors of Armenia! (see video)

VidaExtremeCollage1(ABOVE) The Festival was a proclamation and demonstration of God’s great love for ALL the people of the city. We invited many sub-cultures to be a part of the festival – creating an extreme sports area consisting of Parkour, BMX, Skaters, Rollerbladers and more! (see video)

VidaOutreachCollage1(ABOVE) FESTIVAL VIDA was also focused on bringing help and life change to 3 of the most needy areas of the city. The goal was loving the addicts, the homeless, street women, the suicidal, gang members with a practical demonstration of the gospel. Special THANK YOU to Feeding Children Everywhere who donated hundreds of meals, and to all those who gave and participated. (see video)

VidaBandsCollage1(ABOVE) As a gift to the city AND in obedience to releasing a sound of worship throughout the city, we brought in excellent bands from all over Colombia. It was wonderful to hear the praises to Jesus through Hip Hop, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock, Folklore and more! (see video)

altarpreach1(ABOVE) The purpose of the festival was celebrating life, restoring hope, and transforming lives of individuals & communities in Armenia, Colombia. This can ONLY be accomplished by our holy God. Jesus Christ is the only hope for any city. The Gospel was our primary objective (as always). As we preached the gospel in the evenings so many responded to the call to surrender their lives to receive Jesus as their Savior. Hundreds of people are now in the process of connecting with the local churches. (see video)

VidaEmpwrCollage1(ABOVE) Church empowerment is a part of the Festival vision – to activate & mobilize people to become the change in the city by going in the power of the Holy Spirit, extending the life, love and compassion of Christ. We are all the Lord’s ambassadors!

Many people have been stirred by the Holy Spirit! Hearts are growing bigger, ministries are beginning to flourish; new life, new vision, a real momentum in the spirit has taken place! We have established a local office in Armenia and believe that the Lord has assigned us there for a season. Evoke will continue ministry in the city in partnership with many churches and ministries. Special thanks to all of you who are prayerfully and financially partnering with us to see a continued move of God in Armenia, Colombia.

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  1. Judy Braland Says:

    GO EVOKE!!!! Great report!!!! We love you guys.

  2. René y Lourdes Says:

    Great job!! For the glory of God. The Holy Spirit works wonders and it is visible. We are proud of your work.

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