God Calls Artists

Fri, Jan 15, 2016

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Do you know that God calls and equips artists, now, today?

It’s true. Check out Exodus 31. We all know Moses, right? He’s a giant in our faith. He’s a strong Biblical character. We learned about him from Sunday School. We know Moses. But do you know that Moses needed the help of artists to fulfill his calling?

In Exodus 31, you see God telling Moses, “I have called Bezalel. I have called him by name, filled him with my Spirit, and I have given him the ability to design, to craft, to build, to make creative things that you need to put into the tabernacle.” So it’s awesome to see that Moses actually needed the help of artists and creatives to fulfill his call on the earth. That’s so awesome!

Also, God says that He has filled him with the Holy Spirit. This is the first time we see, in the Bible, someone being filled with the Holy Spirit, and it’s an artist! That should encourage you as a creative person. If you are a designer, dancer, singer, blogger, photographer, or whatever you do, God has anointed you and filled you and called you so that you would use your gifts for His purposes. That’s amazing!

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