Easter Beach Outreach!

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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This Easter, Evoke Ministries took the resurrection message to the beach!

Wow! What an amazing time we all had being in the middle of a huge surf festival, sharing the love of God!

With God’s favor, through our friends at Life Visual, we were invited to set up our own platform and a large tent area as part of the annual Ron Jon Surf Festival!

There were thousands of people, from all over, swarming the beach for the surf event, spring break, and the shuttle launch. We shared the gospel with hundreds and hundreds and prayed with countless numbers for salvation and re-dedication! Praise to God for what he has done!




At the Evoke tent area we created lots of ways to interact and get into people lives. Our goal from the tent was one-one discussions about people’s spiritual life. We even had a survey we created to rate your spiritual journey. It worked real well to get people discussing their life and beliefs in what would usually be a laid back, party-like atmosphere. We had so many great conversations and prayed with tons of people wanting to get their lives reconnected to the heavenly father! I’m convinced that many people are so ready to live a life in Christ, they just haven’t really seen enough genuine believers walking it out.


We offered free caricatures all day with a friend of ours from Disney. She had a line all day! While people were waiting we had plenty of time to have discussions, share the gospel, and pray.


We had live art and graffiti to watch, and tons and tons of free giveaways. We gave out hundreds of testimony flyers, booklets, hip hop CDs, Jesus DVDs, bibles, and thanks to our friends at Possibility Pictures, who donated lots of gear from their upcoming movie release “Letters to God”.


Breaker dancers, drummers, live bands all took the platform and brought an entertaining performance for an eager crowd, and ALL boldly testified about the power of the gospel in their own personal lives.


(above) Matt and Kevin – drummers from The Holy Land Experience


(above) Solos Crew


(above left) Fabion of South Royalty   (above right) DJs Guardian & Sam Wize


(above) Deraj and StriaevokeRJAustin

(above) Austin Biel



Before I even finished sharing part of my testimony as a former atheist, two guys came to the platform saying they needed to hear more. We took time, sat together and listened to them share about their life experiences and doubts about the living God. We shared with them the reality of our relationships with God and Jesus Christ and assured them that this day, their loving Father was pursuing them. We got a chance to pray with them, that their eyes would be open to the reality of Jesus Christ and their need for a savior.


We continued to hang out and minister into the night. At 9pm our partners at Life Visual showed an evangelistic surf film on their 30ft x 30 ft inflatable screen! Many came out and sat on the beach, while others sat and watched from the local bars on the pier. In was really an incredible day bringing the Easter message to hundreds who really need it. May we all continue to be about the agenda of Jesus; seeking and saving the lost.

Thank you so very much to all those who supported and participated this outreach. Special thanks to 4zero7 Creative Group, Possibility Pictures and Barachel Bike and Skate.

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2 Responses to “Easter Beach Outreach!”

  1. Karen Schwager Says:

    What a powerful move of God – meeting the people in the midst of their lives. You clearly spoke their language through the venue you used and the Holy SPirit spoke to their hearts. This was a Surf Festival that will not e lost in the blur, but a life-changing event that many will never forget. I join my prayers with your for the Lord to protect them from the Word being stolen or choked out by the cares and sins of the world, that He will lead them to other believers to help them grow. May God continue to bless and empower all you do! Big hug from Karen from the Porch!

  2. Kiley Barnard Says:

    Thank you Scott and all who participated in this awesome outreach! God makes it abundantly clear that all we have to do is be available and he WILL do the rest. Thank you for your obedience and willingness to get out of the way so he is able do his work. Praise be to God! Thank you for the blurb and pics!

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