For years I was a passive atheist. But then God in his mercy, supernaturally took me out of my dark world in the music and club scene, filled with sex and drugs and brought me into His world of marvelous light. He delivered me from many of my addictions immediately and gave me a sober mind. From almost the moment God revealed himself to me,  I was on the street as a witness of his transforming power. Along with other newly converted brothers and sisters we created street tracts, played music and witnessed in and out of bars and clubs. We soon found ourselves heading up “The Porch” coffee shop on weekends in downtown Orlando a few years later. From that location we put on many creative outreaches; we consistently held art shows, poetry readings, bible studies, rap & rock concerts, as well as providing a ‘base’ for evangelistic street teams to preach the gospel in the downtown area to the club goers and street kids. The focus of our message was always, “Jesus can save you & change you.”  Years later I was privileged to join the team of Christ for all Nations, the ministry of International Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Working side by side with him for many years has sharpened my evangelistic edge and stoked a fire in my soul that I carry burning in me to this very day. We want to see our generation saved!

Today, by God’s grace, Evoke Creative Evangelistic Ministries is reaching those people who are deceived and enslaved in a similar lifestyle. We are seeking out those who are blinded from the love of God, and proclaiming the Gospel message to them using creative means. Our goal is to inject the Gospel in and through the creative culture that they cannot escape it.

It is also our hope to stand with other creatives and emphasize the point that we cannot just create for creativity’s sake, but it must serve the purposes of Christ, which is seeking and saving those who are lost and making committed disciples.



Letter of Recommendation

Scott Howe has worked for Christ for all Nations for over five years as my personal assistant. He rendered excellent service. We are and remain personal friends.

Now the Lord has led him on to the next level of his calling, which is Evoke Evangelistic Ministries. He is artistically exceptionally creative and has founded this ministry to spread the Gospel in America. I see God’s hand in it and on him and recommend Scott and his wife Jacqueline warmly. Both their hearts are burning to see this generation won for Jesus Christ.

This new ministry is worthy of the wholehearted support of all God’s people. I recommend Scott and his wife highly.

Rev. Reinhard Bonnke