Before You Die: Hip Hop CD/Booklet

Tue, Jan 13, 2009

Evangelistic Tools

Before You Die

– Hip Hop CD/Booklet

This is a great outreach tool! Especially for those in the Hip Hop community.

This is a very well thought out, nicely designed and packaged CD booklet made for those in the Hip Hop community. This 24 page booklet contains a clear and concise gospel message. It touches on the emptiness of the things in this world, the holiness of God, a true and honest perspective of the severity and love of God, and what it means to really trust in Jesus, all cleanly packaged in a fresh relevant layout. On top of that, the booklet houses a 10 tract CD in the back! 10 sobering cuts from Lecrae, Trip Lee, JSon, and Sho Baraka. Good, thought provoking lyrics certain to make one contemplate the remaining days on earth and eternity to come.

Why not get a stack of these and pass them out at the next Hip Hop show in your area or at record stores, coffee shops and everywhere else!

Created by ReachLife Ministries / available at

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    Am trying to get a bulk of these cds.

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