Mission & Vision

Evoke Concepts is a non-profit ministry dedicated to:
1 – declaring the love-message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation through creative mediums.
2 – Mobilizing the Church body to focus all gifts and talents on sharing the reality of Jesus with all people.


Mobilizing the Church

Evoke works with churches of many denominations. We offer training, teaching, preaching & activation via presentations, classroom training, street activation and outreach. Our goal is to come along side churches & groups who desire to be more active  and effective in witnessing & sharing their faith in the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

Event Outreach

Evoke sends evangelistic teams to many different types of public events to preach Jesus and interact one on one using all kinds of creative approaches. Although we may use poets, dancers, artists, musicians, DJs and a host of talent we never water down the message of the gospel but stay true to the commission of Christ; preaching the gospel and praying for the sick, always with a heart of love.


Compelling Creatives

The creative believer is desperately needed to serve the purposes of God. A lost and dying world is suffering without the role of the imaginative, creative believer walking in the power of our calling. I believe a real biblical understanding of creativity is needed more than ever in this visual and experiential, post modern culture. Our aim is that we can all personally surrender ourselves to the call of God to reach our generation with the message of Christ and to do this by the means of the creative gift that had been administered to each of us. we cannot just create for creativity’s sake, but it must serve the purposes of Christ, which is seeking and saving those who are lost and making committed disciples.